OCTOBER 15 – 19, 2012
VENUE: The Irkutsk State Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education

April 4 -6, 2012
Venue: I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

March 5-17, 2012
Working visit of the International Delegation to the Virtual Medical Francophone University, Medical School in Nice and Tor Vergata University in Rome.

January 31 – February 4, 2012
Venue: The Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk

Working visit
of the Russian delegation

A. SMETKIN – Organization And Assessment Of Quality Of Continuous Medical Education At The Anesthesiology And Resuscitatoin Deprtment

Andreas BURGER – Teachers Training To Develop Tests, Cases, Case-Measures For Student Evaluation

Annie CHEMINAT – Institutional Evaluation Of Higher Education And Research

Annie CHEMINAT – Institutional Evaluation Of Medical Faculties

D. CHRISTMANN – La Commission D'audition

D. CHRISTMANN – Final Examination At The End Of 2-Nd Cycle Of Training

D. MIZGIREV – Draft Of Standards Of Students' Practical Skills Evaluation In Medical School

Elena LOPANOVA – Methodology And Assessment Tools For Medical Students' Achievements On The Basis Of Competence Approach

Elena MAGAZEVA – Using Of Various Monitoring Forms To Improve The Learning Motivation Amid Medical Students

Elena VASILEVA – Control Standards In Medical Universities

Elena VASILEVA – Education Quality Control Standards In Medical Education

Elena VASILEVA – Program Of The Seminar

Fernand ANTON –Teaching At The University Of Luxembourg-Organization, Quality Assurance And Evaluation Of Students Achievements

Francois BECMEUR – Tutorial Case-Managment Methods

Galina MOTOVA – Accreditation-Reset. New Trends In Quality Assurance Of Russian Higher Education

I. KHLOPINA – Rating Assessment Of Students On Internal Diseases - Traditional Or Innovative Form

Jacques ROLAND – Formative Evaluation For Medical Faculties

Oxana LEBEDEVA – Case-Method As A Form Of Control Of Education Quality In Internship


Stefano ELIA – Present Status Of Evaluation Of Medical Schools In Italian University

Svetlana GORBACHEVA – Education Quality Control At The Postgraduate And Advanced Professiona Training

Sylvain MEURIS – Student's Mobility In European Faculties

Sylvain MEURIS – Physician Distribution

Thierry POTTECHER – How To Evaluate A Hospital Asking For An Agreement To Get Residents, Interns In Training For Anesthesiology

Thierry POTTECHER – How To Manage A Mortality, Morbidity Meeting (MMM)

Thierry POTTECHER – Management Of A Bibliography Meeting

Thierry POTTECHER – Referentiel Stage Interne

Thorsten SCHAFER – Innovative Assessment Tools PBL And Assessment

Maria YANITSKAYA – Assessment Of Personal Successes Of Students In Their Research Activities At Pediatric Surgery Dept